Retrofit assessment

Retrofitting is the process of adding new features or improvements to your property that weren't originally included or necessary when it was built. When it comes to residential retrofitting, the focus is on upgrading older properties to improve their energy efficiency. This can involve a variety of measures, such as enhancing insulation, replacing outdated heating systems, improving ventilation and air quality, incorporating renewable technologies, or even a combination of these various approaches. By implementing these improvements, homeowners can enjoy a more comfortable and eco-friendly living space while also reducing their energy costs. 

The introduction of the PAS 2035 standards framework has led to a whole-house approach when upgrading the energy measures of a property. This is in line with the government’s pledge to achieve net zero by 2050.

When planning to carry out energy retrofit work on a property, the first step is to have it assessed by a Retrofit Assessor. The Assessor plays an essential role in the PAS 2035 process, as they gather and supply property data and information to Retrofit Coordinators who use it to create a suitable and appropriate improvement plan.

The Assessor will visit your property to carry out an assessment and produce are port to assist with retrofit coordination. The assessment inform us of any constraints or limitations that must be considered and the Retrofit Assessor's report will include the following assessments: 

   •     Energy Performance Assessment
   •     Detailed floor plan
   •     Condition Survey
   •     Occupancy Assessment
   •     Heritage Impact Assessment (RiskPathway C - Traditional Buildings)
   •     Any constraints or limitations that must be considered

The data collected from assessment is used by the Retrofit Coordinator to formulate a Medium-Term Improvement Plan.


Answers to our most frequent questions


You will need a Retrofit Assessment if you are a Retrofit installer working in accordance with PAS 2035:2019. 


A Retrofit Assessor is a person who has been trained and qualified in accordance with PAS 2035. They play a significant role within the PAS 2035 process as they collect and provide property data and information. They must be certified by a Retrofit Assessor Accreditation Scheme, and their main role is to provide information to the Retrofit Coordinator about the dwelling. 


Our team of professional assessors will spend around 90 minutes in a property. They will collect data and take photographs which are then submitted to the Retrofit Coordinator and Installer. The assessor will look at the age and type of property construction, identify the current energy measures installed in the property, as well as whether there is appropriate ventilation.

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